Saturday, April 08, 2017

24HoTV 24:00 - extras

(we're terminating here -not our original plan- and restarting after the new release of TP)

"postcards from twin peaks"

excellent interviews with cast members ... what stands out is how "normal" they all look ... only major briggs really looks like his character without make-up.

the one armed man
laura palmer
sahara palmer
major briggs
bobby briggs
shelley johnson
norma jennings



24HoTP 24:00

We go out on special features: more interviews with cast members, including Richard Beymer, Madchen Amick, Sheryl Lee, Miguel Ferrer, and others. The best part about these is they're casually sitting at their homes, not made up, not dressed up, speaking like regular people, on home video cameras. It's pretty cool, and a soft way to go out from our incomplete run.

24HoTP 23:45

Kyle MacLachlan tells the story of meeting Dino DiLaurentis when he was auditioning for Dune. Dino asked him "How old you are?" and he said "23". Dino said "OK". And the rest is MMMM SHAI HULUUUUD.

24HoTP 23:30 extras "postcards from twin peaks"

interview with richard baymer about traveling through the amazon ... he has several days of beard, his hair's not done and no makeup ... if it was happening -and i didn't know who it was- i'd think it looked and sounded sort of like the guy who played ben horne on twin peaks.

interesting story about doing hallucinogens with medicine men of the region.


24HoTP 23:15

This episode ended with a mask. Like a Phantom of the Opera mask, with no person attached. Therefore I would say Twin Peaks is actually Phantom of the Opera. Thank you, I'll be here all week.

24HoTP 23:00

donna's breaking down over james's new-found jaguar wench trying to break him down.

agent rosenfield thinks sheriff truman is weakened by his breaking girlfriend.

agent cooper wants a break by playing a stronger chess game against earle.

gimme a break.

24HoTP 22:45

I don't even know what's going on anymore. B said something like "You just provide your retinas and say 'Filler up!'" Or maybe I said that. This doesn't matter. I just had my first unwanted sleep of the event. I was out for maybe 10 minutes and I couldn't stay awake even if I wanted to. And I wanted to.

24HoTP 22:30

leo meets windham earle (an evil guy i'm supposed to care about, but don't).  james hooks back up with donna.

but we have to blur TV with reality, don't we?

K's dog starts howling incessantly (and high pitched).  and the most albinic goddamn possum i've ever seen is crawling not 20 feet from me.

you tell me how good all this is.


24HoTP 22:15

Ben Horne is now a civil war reenactment cultist. Or, more correctly, he's lost his mind and thinks he's directing the Confederate Army. Jerry Horne has returned to help his brother, and Audrey's around too. No kissing in this episode so far, after much kissing in the previous episode.

24HoTP 22:00

great episode if you like classic cars and james hurley brooding.  not much if you're interested in anything else.


24HoTP 21:45

For many episodes, the scariest thing Twin Peaks held over us was the prospect of Leo Johnson regaining his senses. And now he has! As I write this, he's apparently all fine and dandy and has escaped his paralysis as he stalks poor Shelley around the house. And now he's got the sock-o-soap ready so entirely uh oh.

24HoTP 21:30

james hurley's hitting on the fourth woman of this series ... that brooding james dean look serves him well.  (it may also be what makes him handy with a car.)

agent bryson just assisted in the take down of a group of baddies, with a gun strapped between her legs.  if you know what i mean.

24HoTP 21:15

I hate to just keep dumping on season 2, but it's not really entertaining. I don't understand why, because I look at the names of all the creative people and they're very good (from what I know). Maybe they phoned it in? Or were out of ideas. Or something wasn't working. Or David Lynch drifted off and the rest couldn't hold it together. Because the new characters are not interesting, the interaction is awkward, the plot isn't gripping. There are still awesome moments, though. And the music remains fantastic.

24HoTP 21:00

i cheated.  instead of watching the last 15 minutes of #24HoTP, i was writing the solution to our stuttering problem.

however, one of the fundamental edicts of 24HoTV is you control the TV, it doesn't control you.  so it's okay to miss.

i can tell you i saw major briggs and implied spaceships.  he was jabbering something about project bluebook (although whatever the hell was going on on the TV wasn't nearly as good as that cool TV series from when i was a kid).

and leo was drooling food.

the end.

24HoTV speech therapy

exactly the opposite of what you'd think, there's a certain clarity of thought that comes with brain lesions steeped in extreme fatigue ...

i have an answer to our stutter ... 

there's a new twin peaks coming out ... part of the reason we're doing #24HoTV is as prep for that event ...


the K and i both planned on watching the new season through after it comes out anyway ... so if we stop this binge at noon today ... then re-start after the SHOtime series has completely aired ... we can dovetail all this old stuff into the new stuff ... and just run 24HoNewNOld in a few weeks.

and that, at the risk of self aggrandizement, is a good idea.

details coming.

24HoTP 20:45

Major Briggs comes home! But you know something is wrong because he has STUBBLE OMG! Mama Briggs: "Is everything all right?" Major Briggs: "No. Not exactly." I must hand it to Major Briggs for always bringing the honesty. Respect.

stutter coming!


when special K added up the timing of all DVD contents for #24HoTP, he forgot to add the extras ...


24HoTP is interfering with the sharks game tonight.  And that's unacceptable for momma K.


something's going to be rescheduled/changed.


24HoTP 20:30

twin peaks has gone well beyond the shark.  josie packard has been reduced to the maid of the martel house.  agent cooper is talking about chess moves in a way that i should really care about them.  which i don't.


24HoTP 20:15

Andrew Packard - owner of the mill, died before the first episode - turns out whoa DIDN'T DIE but is in fact alive and well and living behind some secret wall in Twin Peaks. And apparently in league with his sister Catherine Martell, and against his, er, widow, or wife, Josie Packard. In Twin Peaks, living people become dead, and dead people become alive. It's just the craziest thing. We're 20 hours in and I'm feeling crispy.

24HoTP 20:00

mostly phone recordings from an old twin peaks phone number you can call ... the image you see, is, literally, a micro cassette tape (not even moving).

uh, okay.  i guess.


24HoTP 19:45

Special feature: How to Talk in the Red Room. This is set up to be excellent. The actual Man from Another Place, Michael Anderson, is teaching us how to reverse speak. BUT! They never actually reverse his speech so we can hear what it sounds like! Therefore, I say FAILURE. Or maybe I say ROOYLIAF.

24HoTP 19:30 - extras

(just finished my second sleep)

this is "return to twin peaks" a fan doumentary of a fest.  people throwing tibetian rocks at bottles.  a woman who is complete with maddy death blood.  and an andy with a loop of scotch tape on his head.

that's what i wake up to, today.


24HoTP 19:15

Watching special features now. "Return to Twin Peaks" about the fan conventions every year in Snoqualmie. Cosplay, people from the show, etc. If this is your sort of thing, this will be your sort of thing.

24HoTP 19:00

Ben thinks he still owns One-Eyed Jack's. But he's informed there's been a hostile takeover. This is not going to make him happy!

#24HoTP 18:45

and in walks ...

agent mulder.  before he was agent mulder.  the cross-dressing agent denise bryson.


24HoTP 18:30

Oh boy, do I agree with what B said in the last post. Without the centerpiece of Laura Palmer's murder mystery, the show is drifting. And now, we have aliens. In this next episode we're going to get David Duchovny's crossdresser to distract us. Let's see how that goes.

24HoTP 16:15

and now we have the BIG twin peaks problem...laura palmer's killer has been identified (which i said, 25 years ago, was a mistake in the series ... and now the story line is wandering.

agent cooper being called for review of procedure?

the non-dead renault tinkering with illicit businesses?

major briggs talking about the "white lodge"?

please.  i don't see the compelling story line here.


24HoTP 18:00

Twin Peaks has now resolved every last tiny bit of the "who killed Laura Palmer" mystery. What's going to happen now? I think Cooper's old partner Window Earle is going to have a lot to do with it, and I'm not sure how satisfactory that's going to be. But here it comes! Pretty soon!

24HoTP 17:45

Which puts us here:

Leland's dead
Laura's dead
Maddy's dead
Teresa Banks is dead
Jacques Renault's dead
Bernard Resault's dead
Harold Smith's dead
Emory's dead

And Nadene is afraid boys might be able to look up her dress in the reflection of her shoes.


24HoTP 17:30

Leland Palmer with the long, slow, painful confession to the murders of Laura and Maddie. He's dying on the jailhouse floor, sprinklers spraying water everywhere, while Cooper guides him into the light. It's a great, tragic moment. He dies; the sprinklers stop. Incredible scene.

24HoTP 17:15

We're assembling a group of people in an wayside bar where cooper is convinced that the murderer is present.

And the giant returns the ring he borrowed in the second (not as cool) dream!

And Laura can be heard in the cool dream!  "My father killed me!"

And now my time to evaluate the episode is done!

24HoTP 17:00

"Laura and I had the same dream."
"That's impossible!"
"Yes it is!"
Twin Peaks rolls on.

24HoTP 16:45

maddie's dead!  wrapped in plastic!  does this madness never end?  does sheryl lee never play a character than isn't killed by leland palmer?


24HoTP 16:30

Welp, Ben Horne just got charged with the murder of Laura Palmer. Except Cooper doesn't think he did it. And we, the audience, know he didn't do it. But Sheriff Truman thinks he did it, so he's arrested. Oh, this won't end well.

24HoTP 16:15

norma's mom shows up at the diner ... with a new husband!

we're rolling toward the big finish with how-to-deal-with-laura's-murderer (who by now, is clearly leland).  things aren't getting happier in the peaks.


24HoTP 16:00

We're back from the land of special features into mainstream episodes. Leland Palmer is busy trying to forget that he sometimes turns into Killer Bob. Mostly he's dancing around and being too happy. Leland, you're freaking me out. Knock it off, you monster.

24HoTP 15:45 deleted scenes and outtakes disc 4

miscellaneous odds and ends ... nearly always with deleted scenes, there's a reason they made the cutting room floor ... no exceptions here ... the best one is an outtake with lucy and andy talking about a power outage at a gathering they were at, with andy ultimately saying, "and i would deliver your baby in front of god and everybody."  but it's hard to imagine how it would have fit in.


24HoTP 15:30

Julee Cruise vanishes. The Giant appears. "It is happening again," he tells us. And then Bob / Leland kills Maddie in one of most brutal, hard to watch scenes ever anywhere. Worse than anything in a horror movie or A Clockwork Orange, broadcast in prime time over the air on network TV in 1990.

24HoTP 15:15

ben horne has just been arrested.  the members of 24 hour enterprises are tired -and unfocused- enough that neither of us know why.

and just to be clear, the TV, right in front of our faces, just spent the last 15 minutes telling us.


24HoTP 15:00

One of my favorite rules here at 24 Hours Enterprises (yes, we have rules) is that we keep a running clock: we never stop the show even when somebody has to sleep or go do bio things or whatever. That's great. If you miss part of the show, that's just tough. We don't rewind. And we're already doing this for something like 30 hours. If we stopped and started all the time, we'd be here until New Year's. So hooray for not stopping!

24HoTP 14:45

the one-armed man is channeling mike...there's nothing quite as disturbing in twin peaks (which is pretty much disturbing at ever wall) than seeing philip gerard thrash about in pain and self-torment.


24HoTP 14:30

Gordon Cole (David Lynch himself) announces that Albert Rosenfield will not be back. I wonder why that is. Did Miguel Ferrer get another job? Or did he decide he didn't want to come back? He was so good on this show that I would think they'd want him back. Also, trivia! Miguel Ferrer was George Clooney's first cousin. Whoa!

24HoTP 14:15

agent cole (david lynch) is on the scene!  ongoing discussion between the K and myself as to whether or not this is a good thing...

on the up-side, he's funny and strange.

on the down-side, he doesn't act as well as the other TPers.

i'm mildly in favor.  the K is mildly against.


24HoTP 14:00

We're seeing lots of owls now. As we know, the owls are not what they seem. What do they seem? OWLS! Therefore the owls are not owls. Gotcha.

Noted by B: great "I've been drugged" makeup on Audrey Horne's eyes.

And we're on lucky episode 13.

24HoTP 13:45

just awakened from my first sleep!  (and i missed van dyke parks!)  the angoraphobic is getting laura's diary stolen from him!  and agent cooper and andy are stealing back audrey from canada!?

what would have happened if i didn't fall asleep?


24HoTP 13:30

Here's a surprise: the country lawyer who says poor evil damaged Leo Johnson is not mentally competent to stand trial is none other than Brian Wilson's SMiLE co-writer Van Dyke Parks. He's great, and here's what it looked like:

24HoTV 13:15

Court for Leland Palmer!  Fatigue for b1-66er!

i kinda watch, I kinda don't.

(the audio is good enough on the TV that when people knock on the windows on TV that I think they're knocking on the windows.)

24HoTP 13:00

Following up on B's post about Twin Peaks coming from a different time...this show is packed with built-in casual misogyny. Older unattractive men are matched with younger attractive women (who are mostly servile and unaccomplished). Of course, there's the strong theme of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault, and the unspoken but strong hint of incest. Hard to believe this all was on over-the-air TV in 1990. Sorry to get so heavy. But what do I know? I'm a guy watching TV for like 30 hours in a row so the heck with me.

24HoTV 12:45*

andy and lucy still haven't ironed out their problems.

the thing i realized as i was watching this is this show is a different sociological time in america ... no internet, no cell phones ... not that long ago ... just 25 years ... but so much has changed ... i realized all this when i saw a character make an ominous call from a phone booth ... when was the last time you received an ominous call from a phone booth?

*the only time signature that's also the same as the time of the day!

24HoTP 12:30

The rain is coming down pretty hard. Is the sky crying because Twin Peaks episode 10 is not all it could be? Yes, that is the case. Bad girl Audrey has been kidnapped by her father's brothel workers in Canada and they're demanding $$$$$ and Agent Cooper as ransom from Ben. 12.5 hours in and I'm not in danger of sleeping yet, but I could be at any moment. I think I'll go make some coffee.

24HoTP 12:15 - extras

several slide stills from the shooting, including the forensic slides of the bullets shot into agent cooper.


Friday, April 07, 2017

24HoTP 12:00

Just finished "A Slice of Lynch", and it was a great slice of pie. B said "It was everything and it was nothing at the same time." The hour flew by.

24HoTP extras -- "a slice of lynch"

still on the extra documentary.

lynch has a habit of waggling the fingers in his right hand when trying to explain how things work or are moving along ... right this second, lynch is talking about how his favorite part of twin peaks is the red room and the backward masked sound track.

everyone clearly thinks of it as being an extremely special moment of television.

24HoTP 11:30

More "A Slice of Lynch" with this nice conversation between Lynch, 2 actors, and a production supervisor. Lynch guides the whole thing, and the pace and vibe are exactly like one of his movies. Slow, thoughtful, in depth.

24HoTP 11:15 -- extras "a slice of lynch"

a one hour documentary that's slapped on disc 3 ...

absoultely fabulous.  the actress who plays shelly (lynch calls her magkin), kyle M (who lynch calls "kale") and a production assistant from blue velvet who hasn't talked at all yet.

it's clear all the participants have a huge amount of respect for david lynch.  the lighting is harsh, but adds more (sorta) hyper-realism.

they're talking about auditions and the movie biz.  everyone clearly likes each other, with lynch throwing in the occasional "wow!"

i'll get to write it again before it's done ... and there'll be more, then.

24HoTP 11:00

The show has gotten full-on sloppy now. I'm gonna try very hard to hang onto the good bits because we have only about 20 more episodes to go.

24HoTP 10:45

lucy has a new pal who's trying to move in on andy's territor, richard trumane; he's good for employee discounts on clothing (and being obnoxious), but not a whole lot else.

jean (part of the greasy renault family) is pushing drugs on audrey.

great episode except agent rosenfield jumped the shark and said he loved harry truman on a higher plane.  i'm all for suspension of disbelief, but i'm not for absurdity.

24HoTP 10:30

More signs of badness. We just learned that Albert is some kind of Zen peace disciple. We're not buying it for a second. Unfortunately, Albert has jumped the 🦈.

24HoTP 10:15

things are starting to fray.  major briggs is hinting at UFO transmissions about agent cooper ... bob is getting overlays of owl eyes on his face ... this is the way a good TV series starts to lose its mind.

24HoTP 10:00

"I'm Audrey Horne and I get what I want," she says to the guy who is tied up, upside down, blindfolded, with his toes painted, at the brothel, as she wraps the vacuum cleaner cord around his neck. Yes, this was over-the-air network TV.

24HoTP 09:45

ronnette pulaski is back to consciousness.  she hasn't had a good week.

jerry horne is a power gormand.  i love him.

24HoTP 09:30

People like to say Twin Peaks season 2 is terrible. They're wrong. Season 2 begins with a spectacular episode, starting with Cooper's encounter with the Giant and ending with Ronette Pulaski waking up and revealing horrific images of her, Laura (shown here, sorry for any nightmares), and Bob. Yes, things go south pretty soon (maybe when Lynch drifts off?), but at this point TP is still top of its game.

24HoTP 09:15

ray wise turns in the best non-dream acting of the show ... his hair's gone completely white as leland palmer ... and after dinner at doc hayward's house he encourages the pianist (alicia witt!) to play "get happy" and he manages to act perfectly as someone who's mildly wound a little too far.


24HoTP 09:00

Deputy Andy is there mostly to get made fun of, but he does have his moments. Like when he saves Sheriff Truman with a timely gunshot. And when he stands up to Albert. Way to go, Deputy Andy!

24HoTP 08:45

the episode where we find out that ed hurley shot out nadiene's eye.  on a honey moon.  pheasant hunting.

the K is worried his dog is going to eat the coins i've dropped on the floor.  IF that's true, that's one dumb dog.

or owner.

24HoTP 08:30

Donna Hayward goes bad (you can tell by the sunglasses and the smoking).

24HoTP 08:15

leland's gone completely white.

things wrap tight from here until we find out who killed laura palmer (and you're not going to like it).

24HoTP 08:00

Start of season 2. One of my favorite scenes ever. Cooper flat on his back, belly covered in blood as the ancient room service waiter brings hot milk. Super super slooooow Lynch scene. Cooper signs the check. "Does this include a gratuity?" And then, the dream and the Giant. This scene is essential Twin Peaks. Show it to your friends. If they love it, they're in. If they hate it, let them watch something else.

24HoTP 07:45 -- Season 1 extras

Lots of good stills.  2 of my favorites here: laura palmer dead (but actually alive) and lynch with pete martell (RIP).

24HoTP 07:30

And we're done with season 1! Only 7 episodes. Now we're looking at special features before moving on to season 2.

24HoTP 07:15

Nadiene has attempted suicide (in a very pretty pink satin dress)!  jacques renault has been shot!  (he bit the bullet, baby!)

in the words of agent cooper: james, what kind of a dangerous game have you been playing?

24HoTP 07:00

Why does Nadine have an eyepatch? Why does Johnny Horne wear a native headdress? Crazy!

24HoTP 06:45

one of my favorites and one of my most hated, both here.

audrey horne ties a cherry stem with her tongue.

and jacques renault mocks laura with "bite the bullet, baby."  nothing makes you appreciate great direction like that fat bastard in super close-up.

bite the bullet, baby.  bite the bullet.

24HoTP 06:30

Audrey shows up at One-Eyed Jacks and she's blowing the interview...I mean, she's failing. Until she does the classic "tie a cherry step in a knot in your mouth" trick, and then she's hired. Classic!

24HoTP 06:15

first wave of sleepiness is starting to hit...those six hours of sleep last night don't have much staying power.

agent cooper and big ed are about ready to make a turn at one eye's jack's ... maybe that'll wake me up.

24HoTP 06:00

Shelley shot Leo, you guys. But she didn't shoot him as shooty as we all thought. And now Leo has a rifle and a scope pointed at Shelley and Bobby. So remember, kids on TV: shoot good if you're gonna shoot!

24HoTP 05:45

josie packard is gaining prominence ... how do you know?  she's being backlit with a cigarette holder.

one eyed jack's is getting ever closer...


24HoTP 05:30

Big Log Lady scene. "My log saw something. Something significant." Of all the crazy characters on this show, the Log Lady is one of them.

24HoTP 5:15

norma just broke up with big ed!  audrey's threatening her new boss with sexual harassment blackmail!  james hurley's dad isn't really dead!



24HoTP 05:00

Episode 4 concludes, and the mysteries are starting to gain a bit of direction. Everybody is involved in everything! James and Donna are going to find Laura's killer! And Audrey wants to infiltrate One-Eyed Jack's. That can't be good.

24HoTP 4:45

agent cooper's shooting skills are abbreviated with his practice pattern...a smiley face on a head "with four shots into the eyes."

and james hurley is hitting on maddie.  you have your hands full, son.


24HoTP 4:30

We get our first appearance - via telephone audio only - of Cooper's boss Gordon Cole, played by David Lynch. He's not quite YELLING AS LOUDLY as he will be when we see him in person in later episodes.

24HoTP 04:15

maddie's srving coffee now...but the problem here is she's going to die by leland's hand as well...


24HoTP 4:00

As B points out, there is evidence that this is where Lynch started losing interest. For example, the "Bookhouse Boys" thread never plays out. Maybe he was only in it for the Little Man scene.

24HoTP 03:45

albert rosenfield flails with full force!  agent cooper warns back!  nadene feels big edhas returned from the gas farm to her heart!

the in-episode soap invitation to love has an actress that plays two different roles...and mere minutes later, sheryl lee (who is playing laura palmer), shows up playing laura's cousin maddie fergueson.



24HoTP 3:30

Cooper explains his dream to Sheriff Truman and Lucy. Of course, he doesn't actually remember who the killer is. But he does tell us about Mike and Bob. "No, a different Mike and Bobby".

24HoTP 3:15

i got lucky ... the dream episode took slightly longer to get to than i was expecting. ... which means i get to write the greatest TP episode of them all...

the cast learned to say their lines phonetically backward so when the tape was played backward, their lines would come out forward.  get it?  it has this eerie, strange ethereal quality that results in, pretty easily, the best television shown in my lifetime.

you could argue, with no disagreement from me, that twin peaks goes downhill from here.

what's odd is, shortly after this aired, special K were in the green room of AAPL's developer conference, reviewing the scene for possible play-back to the AAPL developer community.

douglas adams was also in the room.

"what kind of television do you yanks watch?"

"we watch stuff like this.  and stranger.  why?  what kind of TV do you limeys watch?"

24HoTP 3:00

Nadine Hurley probably would have invented an entirely silent drape runner, if BIG ED HADN'T STEPPED ON IT!!!

24HoTP 2:45

Leo is rising to his meanest potential...but that's not what's important... we're right on the very edge of the best twin peaks episode ever created ... the legendary backward speaking "little person."

unfortunately the K gets that.


24HoTP 2:30

Most of the musical score is the same few wonderful pieces repeated a lot. The "tragedy theme", the "love theme", the "tension theme". But Sarah Palmer gets her own special super dissonant "I'm insane with anguish" music.

24HoTP 2:15

"It's like a policeman's dream!"


24HoTP 2:00

One of the many things that makes Twin Peaks amazing is the characters and their connections. Everybody is somebody's sister, father, uncle. Everybody is in love with somebody in public and somebody else secretly. And we haven't even talked about the rampant little character quirks. Probably more on those later as we descend into hours of madness.

2hHoTP 1:45

pilot episode over ... so much stuff packed in two hours ... endless quotable moments ... the tragedy of laura's death has passed over me and i'm starting to engage the social construct.


24HoTP 1:30

Every actor (almost) is well cast and gives a wonderful performance. But let's talk for a second about Sheriff Truman's reactions to goofy Dale Cooper. He's perfect: respectful, puzzled, bemused. Probably better than Cooper deserves. It works perfectly.

24HoTP 1:15

i just got my first joke that i overlooked a zillion times in watching this!

donna hayward asks to borrow her sister's bike...

harriet, "sure, put some air in the back tire."

this is an adult joke!


"dad, can i borrow the car?"

"sure, put some gas in it."


24HoTP 1:00

Ben Horne and Dr. Jacoby played together before, in West Side Story.

Also, this hot take: Agent Cooper is a little nutty.

Laura Palmer's last diary entry is about eating asparagus. And meeting "J".

I love this show. ❤️

24HoTP 00:45

dr. jacoby!  the first times i saw TP, i hadn't seen the incredble shrinking man, but i have now.  he's a star.

he also fingers his hawaiian dancing girl on his tie.


24HoTP 00:30

Twin Peaks is amazing from the beginning. Yes, there's lots of very good TV now, and since TP, but nothing before or since matches the mood, casting, direction, music, and overall gut punch tragedy of Twin Peaks. And weirdness. Very, very weird weirdness.

This is going to be awesome.

"Peter, push the plug!"

24HoTP 00:15

luaura palmer is dead!  

people forget that the surrounding situation of the entire series is murder, death and what ultimately be displayed as abuse.

wailing mom on the phone.

overzealous business partners talking about lung sacks.

and leland has spit in the fireplace.

this is #24HoTP.  

it's both great and terrible to be here.

the method of view for 24HoTP

this installment of 24 hours will be viewing the entirety of "twin peaks: the entire mystery."  all discs will be watched.

we're watching all discs, then the special features at the ends of those discs as we view them.

the one exception is we're watching the alternate international pilot at the very end of the #24HoTP performance.

twitter will broadcast 
@24HoTVb for b1-66er
@24HoTVS for special K

24 hours of "Twin Peaks" starts at noon TODAY

24 Hour Enterprises isn't dead; large portions of it just have an incurable, degrading disease.

But Laura Palmer IS going to die. 


 And 24 Hour Enterprises is covering the event non-stop beginning noon Pacific Time today.

Twins Peaks is being "continued" as a series beginning next month.  Which means #24HoTP has to happen before then.

"I have good news!  The TV show you like is going to come back in style."