Sunday, February 26, 2006

13:15 Channel 640 -- Comcast Sports Channel Chicago

Unnamed Infomercial

We knew these versions of TV Hell were lying out here, we just hadn't run across any yet. This particular one is Russ Dalbey (looking frightenly like Clint Howard), Johnny real estate.

"He's no Tom Vu."
-- Special K

B1 is going to forego his comment and instead let Derek, a fine standing member of, say his piece:

i bought the network and spent $1800 on it and the program did not work. i read all of the books and did the school thing for $300 more. it got me no where. all i wanted is to buy my wife a wedding ring because i only make $9.00 an hour so i took a chance with money i have been saving for 1 year to buy a ring. i spent it on this p.o.s. network crap to get her a better ring and got bent over on this shit. i hope nobody buys this program because it is a scam from hell so now i cant afford the ring i wanted to give to her. thanks alot russ you p.o.s. asshole.....


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