Saturday, February 25, 2006

24HoTV Zeitgeist of the Moment

We're starting to show the wear.

It feels like I've only been sitting here doing this for a couple of hours, even though I'm more than nine-and-a-half in.

But we're all getting punchy. I'm starting to make some fairly obvious posting mistakes and I'm becoming sonically sensitive. I get a little "House of Usher-ish" when I've been over-driven and that's happening already. We're right on my sweet spot of my new bedtime and I'm feeling it.

Special K is starting to droop. Solid G is long gone. Bigg Nasty is wearing his John Belushi "COLLEGE" t-shirt and is in stride, but we've endured some stuff that he hasn't.

And I'm listening to the Offspring and I'm not sure I should have to.



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