Saturday, February 25, 2006

Conversation with DirecTV

I decided to call DirecTV to find out who the voice over was for KidsMix. After driving through a phone tree for about 10 presses, I ended up in Tech Support because that seemed to be the only place I could get hold of a human being.

DirecTV: This is [some guy] how can I help you?

b1-66er: I'm watching channel 111 and I want to know what the audio channel is that you're using to come over the top of video.

D: You're not hearing audio?

b1: No, that's not it. I want to know what the audio is on channel 111.

D: What's your problem?

b1: I don't have a problem, per se. I just want to know what the audio is that's coming over the to of channel 111.

D: One moment.

b1: Sure. I'm in no hurry.

(Pause of about two minutes.)

D: Sorry for the delay. Have you tried re-setting your set-up?

b1: I don't actually have a problem. I just want to know what the audio is on KidsMix. Channel 111.

D: You want to know the audio?

b1: Yeah, I think it's an XM source that you pipe over the top of the station.

D: You're hearing XM while you're watching a video channel?

b1: Yes. What station are you piping over the top?

D: How long have you had this problem?

b1: I wouldn't call it a "problem," you do it on purpose.

D: You're doing this?

b1: No, you are doing this. What station is it?

D: Have you tried re-setting your equipment.

b1: (hangs up)

Special K: Hey, OKD figured out the XM station about 10 minutes ago ... he told us in the chat room.


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