Saturday, March 14, 2009

00:30 Channel 1248 -- Damages (episode "New York Sucks"

This is our first walk into FX-On Demand. The TV loads up a show then you start watches it as it continues to load.

As we also drop into our first case where the TV has given us the wrong aspect ratio ... We live in the world of the fatties ... and Special K doesn't even notice. This will be an ongoing problem for the next 24 hours.

It's an ancient Glenn Close and decrepit Ted Danson. The theme song to this show -- something that sounds close to power surf music -- should instead be a parody of the Cheers theme with the lyrics, "You wanna go where everyone knows you're lame."

(A girl on the show just said, "New York sucks," which makes this thing 100 times better. It's easily the best show we've seen so far.)

- b1

"A woman was using cocaine. That means it's edgy ... I know what that means."

- Special K


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