Saturday, March 14, 2009

02:45 204 -- Headline News

I remember when the go-go nature of Headline News seemed like the fastest moving thing in the world. Pre-internet.

President Obama appoints a new food chief: Dr. Hamburg. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Caption just identified the head of the NAACP as Dr. Benjamin Jealous. Really? Yes.

Now there's a guy named Mr. Lippy. Like the old cartoon, Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har-Har. Yes, it's funny name day on Headline News. Or HLN, because it apparently takes too long to say Headline News.

B1:"Two things: 1. I've learned that Cheerios gets rid of cholesterol the same way that sun would if cholesterol was an icicle. 2. I feel safer seeing stock footage of Osama Bin Laden while wearing a desert camouflage bandana." Which he is.


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