Sunday, March 15, 2009

16:45 Channel 5 KPIX-TV: "Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer"

Jack LaLanne is still alive. What more evidence do you need? Jack is 94 years old.

Featuring "celebrity host" Forbes Riley. That is her name, you see. According to Wikipedia, she's in infomercials for Aerobed, Microgrill, MaxiGlide Hair Straightner and Mor furniture stores.

Now, here's Jack LaLanne, and his wife, wait for it, Elaine LaLanne. He seems pretty sharp still.

"When I started juicing, I was a weak kid." I think Barry Bonds said the same thing.

I wonder if Jack could stay up all night watching 24 hours of TV. If so, he could probably kick my ass at the end of it.

That juicer is incredibly loud. It sounds like an entire herd of cats being chainsawed.

B says: "I agree with Sal Metameci, Optometrist. I think juicing's a great idea."


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