Sunday, March 15, 2009

17:45 Channel 201 DirecTV Basics

This the fundamental DirecTV tech support channel. Nobody writes docs any more. Although they actually did give us a manual with the DVR. I guess they figure nobody reads it.

Light techno in the background makes this easier to swallow.

The best DirecTV tech support I've gotten is via Twitter. The phone reps are often frustrating to deal with on common issues like outages and screwed up sports blackouts, although they're certainly nice.

We always wanted to make computers as easy to use as TV. But it would have been nice to make the computers easier rather than making TV harder.

It's the classic blunder. He's explaining how to fix your satellite if it's not working. But of course, if it's not working, you can't see his explanation.

Werewolves howl in the background of their tutorial. This is designed to frighten you into never calling them for help. Psychologically. Proven by U. S. Army experiments.

B says: "Very good technical support tutorials that people will probably never watch."


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