Sunday, March 15, 2009

18:15 Channel 268 Interactive Response: "Healing Foods"

Yeah, it's the Jack LaLanne juicer again. Just when we thought we were out of infomercial hell.

Jack says "I'm so doggone excited about this, I can hardly sleep at night." This time I note that the infomercial is 3 years old. Here, he's a babe of 91, but in the real world, he's 94.

"Celebrity host" Forbes Mill or something: "It has to taste good or I'm not going to drink it." Oh, you'll drink it. You'll drink it and you'll say THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER. Insolent woman.

The ad says the juicer is "whisper quiet". But when they run the thing it screams like a banshee. Not that I have ever heard a banshee scream.

They actually use the expression "But wait, there's more!" Like an earlier-day Steve Jobs.

B1 says: "I'm fatigued. I need to be juiced." And he lays down.


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