Sunday, March 15, 2009

18:45 Channel 36 KICU-TV: "Home Improvement Ideas"

Power tools. YEAUGHHHH BABY! (I thought it was gonna be Home Improvement, the sitcom.)

The powerful Multimaster doesn't spin or reciprocate. It OSCILLATES, BITCHES!

I once ate at Burgermaster, a famous drive-in in Bellevue, Washington. But I have not seen a Multimaster.

She's removing grout. "I mean that's all the way down." She looks like a dental hygienist gone mad.

These power tools are awfully loud for 6:30 AM. Face it: it's morning.

Now they're cutting up the baseboard. And the drywall. You could probably reduce your house to twigs in like an hour with this thing. But do they tell you that? Nooooooooo.

B says: "David Thiel (the guy who tests tools) looks like the kind of guy who tests tools."

B adds: "They should add the ability to put a worm on a fishhook, and then it would be the 'Multimaster Baiter'"


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