Sunday, March 15, 2009

20:15 Channel 542 Showtime Extreme "Casino Royale"

We're getting a bit from near the end of the movie here (which I've never seen). Bond is trying to revive a beautiful but mostly drowned girl and her nipples. A sinister guy is watching. It's Sean Connery: he wants his career back. Hahahahaha! J/k.

The last movie I saw Daniel Craig in, Defiance, he had a Polish accent. Not this time.

I'm a fan of the jokey Casino Royale with Woody Allen et al from a million years ago.

Bond shoots a guy, and roll credits. Mildly amusing. And we just completed our 20th hour, and we're more tired than the dog.

B says: "I'm sorry we saw the last 15 minutes. I wish we had seen the first 15 minutes." Very clever.


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