Sunday, March 15, 2009

20:45 Channel 219 Euro, Shopping

What's the difference between an infomercial and a selling channel. O ho, we're about to find out. Or ignore it, like I did.

Except no! It's Dean "Dong, the Witch is Dead" Graziosi again, with his advice for making a fortune in real estate. This is so bad I might nap during the show. And I might not even notice.

Stop wagging your finger at me, "Dean". If that is your real name.

Read his mixed reviews here: .

The more he talks, the more I want to sleep...sleep...sleep. Tom Vu would kick his ass. You are loser!

B says: "Instead of watching the infomercial, I read the Who Wants To Be a Superhero comic, leftover work from a previous show." I impress myself with my own geek cred for owning (and quickly finding) the comic.


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