Sunday, March 15, 2009

2:15 287 -- Military Channel


"It's time to go ballistic!" All about using fire as a weapon. Yeah, buddy!

FIre is also a defensive weapon. The Dragon anti-mine device melts mines in the ground.

Lovely footage of some bald guy getting burned at the stake.

This is one of those "reenactment" shows. Fake cavemen scaring animals with torches. Fake Romans sending a flaming pig into the rebel forces. No, really: a flaming pig.

A really creepy guy is talking about historical use of fire in warfare. I don't want to meet him.

Allstate commercial with Dennis Haysbert, aka President David Palmer from 24 (the TV show, not Hours of TV).

Trojan vibrator commercial on now. Giggle giggle titter. "Don't worry ladies, you can get it online!"

B1 says: "The next time I have a problem at work, I'm going to try to solve it using the flaming pig."


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