Sunday, March 15, 2009

23:45 Channel 331 MTV "The Real World"

There's a new Fast & Furious movie coming out. I don't think I'll see that one.

Clearasil commercial. Yep, this is MTV.

TGI Fridays commercial. All the TGI Fridays in the Bay Area closed recently.

"From G's to Gents" commercial. A great reality show.

And now, The Real World. A misnomer indeed. There's nothing real about this show. Most of these people make me sad about the future, but I know so many good kids that I guess we come out ahead.

It's weird to me that I don't know anybody like these people on TV. It's because I live on nerd planet.

B says: "If it was real, the apartment wouldn't be so nice and expensive."

And now, I say good day. Thanks for paying attention, if you did. I'm going to sleep for a few hours, and I'll write more later. I bet.


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