Sunday, March 15, 2009

24:00 (The Last 15 minutes of 24HoTV2) Channel 295 Sprout "The Hoobs"

I have a good relationship with Noddy, so this has some potential.

It's animation slightly above South Park, with writing that's three steps below. Gerald the Giraffe is talking about jumping -- in a British accent, which is mildly disconcerting.

Now there's some low budget, flourescent, muppett-like things. Also with English accents.

And now we have space alien-like things with funnel heads singing.

And there are repetitive uses of the word "hoob," as in "hoobapedia" and "hoobnet."

It's not good. It's not medium. It's bad.

"How did we manage to miss church services on Sunday?"

- b1

"It's a little too 'inky-inky.'"

- Special K

And we're out. Thanks very much for your readership. It's been great.


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