Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to play

We start today at Noon Pacific Time. That's in 30 MINUTES! Here's how you can take part:

 - To follow everything in real time: read our posts and comments from everybody else by watching #24HoTV on Twitter.

 - If you only want to see our posts, and not the comments, follow 24HoTV, 24HoTVS (that's Special K), and 24HoTVB (that's B1-66er).

 - To add your pithy comment: just post via Twitter, and include #24HoTV in your comment text. We will know. We will see.

 - To catch up later, if you miss something or you don't want to be real time: read the blog at All posts and comments will flow there magically.

 - And for the truly dedicated/insane: to watch along with us, see our Channel Change alerts every 15 minutes on Twitter, and tune your TV thusly. Those who do this will be our best friends.


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