Saturday, March 27, 2010

09:10 The Legacy (TV series) 3085HT

We're getting Jackie Earle Haley in this one! (He was Rorschach, one of the few high points in Watchmen, and Freddy Krueger in the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street remake). He appeared on The Partridge Family in the same year as this episode.

This one takes place in Oakland. It's of a piece with the previous one in San Francisco. Looks like the same set, though.

There's another dog running around. OK, I'm gonna personally do a retcon here. Let's say a research company was experimenting on dogs when the plagues hit, and they kept some of them around in an airtight lab. And then after the plagues, they got loose and bred. And so we still have dogs on the planet in 3085. Yippee! Woof!

Another standard element to this show: gorillas show up and ruin everything.

There's Jackie Earle Haley. He was about 13 when this was made.

Perspective: Roddy McDowall made 4 Apes movies and 14 TV episodes in about 6 years.


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I like your dog retcon!


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