Sunday, March 28, 2010

48:00 Behind the Planet of the Apes ... and Completion of EPOTA

Roddy McDowall takes us through the end of the POTA stuff ... Showing us everything we've seen or slept through in the last 48 hours.  Great ending for the onslaught.


I'll write much more than this in the next day or so but for now let me say it's been interesting ... Better than 24HoTV2, maybe equal to 24HoTV1 ... I've enjoyed the streaming ... The UPA boxset has been *great*.

Many thanks to the EPOTA hardcores: Momma K, Lil' Person K, the Grumbler, Radioactive Dave, suttonhoo, solid G, the person who shall never be mentioned and especially Rich Handley

Special K, I've told you I love you more than any other man in the world, including all my relatives combined.  Never wonder why.


Special K adds:

It was ... it was ... it was ... beyond my greatest imagining of ... um ... fun and strangeness ... and I uh, wanna thank you, but I need to do that myself.


Blogger rassmguy said...

Well done, guys! I can't even begin to imagine how tired you must be. I've read every post, and have enjoyed seeing your reactions, many of which have mirrored my own. Bravo!

8:04 PM  

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