Saturday, September 25, 2010

all thumbs down on 24HOSIF

i glanced on this at my last post, but it's worth going into more detail
here ...

we made the decision to do the entire 24 HOSIF experience by smart
phones for a few reasons.

* they're light weight, small and easily transportable. our
understanding is that *all* people *must* clear the ferry after every
run, which means we'll be continually getting off and back on. the
smaller, the better.

* they're the most rugged choice. although smart phones are *far* from
robust (try dropping yours in a puddle, then using it), they're a step
up from all but the most hardcore laptops. when i rode my bike across
the states 10 years ago, i eventually "lost" *every* piece of electronic
equipment i was carrying with me.

* the SIF doesn't have wifi, but does have cell signal ... if we used
laptops, we'd have to tether them through our cells ... a proposition
that's always dicey in practice, may or may not ramp up our cell bills
and requires yet more equipment.

due to our choice one downside is that all our entries will be done with
our thumbs (including this one). i touch type 32 WPM with my thumbs
(the same speed as did with ten fingers when i graduated from typing
class in 8th grade) so it's not *that* bad ... but it's still a hassle.

also, blogger challenges your entries with a captcha after 50 postings
in a 24 hour period ... if your entries are by email (as this one is),
blogger simply drops it on the floor without posting it and doesn't
offer you the captcha option ... that means you have to use a web
interface BUT for unknown reasons the captcha response string isn't
properly recognized from my hiptop (e.g. it says to type "cat" -- i type
"cat" -- and it doesn't think i've entered the right string) ... so i'll
have to use special K's iphone.

battery charge could be a problem as well, although we've heard from
@girlonferry that plugs can be sniffed out on many (if not most) of the

if we both lived in NYC we'd do a dry run first ... we always do with
24HOTV, but that's a luxury we're not afforded.

but it all doesn't matter. special K flew the redeye out from SJC last
night. he's going straight from the SIF to the airport to fly back
home. in the 24 hour enterprise world, it gets no harder core than

everything else is details and dumbness. we know how to ignore
details. and with a combined history of 192 hours of marathon TV
viewing, you better believe we know how to deal with dumbness.

[this post written @ 12:25 ET, 39,000' above SC. when this post
appears, it means i've landed at JFK and 24 HOSIF is imminent.]


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