Wednesday, March 07, 2012

24 hours of las vegas recap

24holv certainly was interesting.

on the plus side
  • the 20 minute intervals for flipping was perfect.  exactly the right amount of time between decisions.
  • the deuce is a natural for this kind of experiment.  a fun, easy, dependable ride.
  • both of our cell phones made the entire run on two batteries (so what if we did vampire some juice from the transit center?).
  • we beat every casino we gambled in, making this 24ho a net money winner.  huge.
  • twitter is well-suited for on-the-run work like this.
  • this was easily the most visual 24ho.
  • special K and i had the best conversations and interactions between us than we've had on any 24ho.
  • we flipped to stay on the bus 13 times and flipped to get off 12.
on the minus side
  • twitter doesn't lend itself well to longer/deeper analysis, which was mostly responsible for
  • there was very little -bordering on no- interaction between the K and myself.
  • we had far fewer followers and interest than we've had in the past.  in fact, suttonhoo and the sofa were entirely missing from the event (ultra ironic since they both consider themselves to be social media experts).
  • it felt like, maybe, i was too driven to get out, gamble, and get back on the bus.  it seems like maybe maybe we should have had more see-the-largest-gold-nugget moments.  i need to ask the K his opinion on this.
i do have to say that, on the whole, this was my favorite 24ho event.  we need to look more closely at the interaction component if we have an on-the-go-24ho in the future.  but what we had here certainly wasn't bad ... better than i would have reasonably expected.


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