Friday, April 07, 2017

24HoTP 3:15

i got lucky ... the dream episode took slightly longer to get to than i was expecting. ... which means i get to write the greatest TP episode of them all...

the cast learned to say their lines phonetically backward so when the tape was played backward, their lines would come out forward.  get it?  it has this eerie, strange ethereal quality that results in, pretty easily, the best television shown in my lifetime.

you could argue, with no disagreement from me, that twin peaks goes downhill from here.

what's odd is, shortly after this aired, special K were in the green room of AAPL's developer conference, reviewing the scene for possible play-back to the AAPL developer community.

douglas adams was also in the room.

"what kind of television do you yanks watch?"

"we watch stuff like this.  and stranger.  why?  what kind of TV do you limeys watch?"


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