Sunday, February 26, 2006

15:00 Channel 277 -- Travel Channel

Infomercial: The Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort.

K: Gosh, the host is Lindsey Wagner, the bionic woman herself. I do not enjoy this, because I liked the Bionic Woman and I hate to see her suffer, and because it's not a cheesy enough infomercial to really enjoy.

Spinal alignment: important! Don't eschew this! Dammit!

One of the Bionic Woman's superpowers: concern for the world's sleep.

B: If Lindsey Wagner is the spokesperson for Select Comfort, has the bionic dog peed on the bed?

Trivia: where were the Bionic Man and Bionic Woman from?
A: Ojai, California.


Blogger Frank Zappai said...

do Bionic Dogs pee?

6:17 AM  

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