Sunday, February 26, 2006

19:30 Channel 513 -- MoreMAX

movie: Titanic

I know I'm not the last person on earth who hasn't seen this movie, but I must be close. As a kid, I loved "A Night to Remember", about the Titanic sinking. This one seems more...character based. We won't be around long enough to see the sinking, unfortunately: there's still 2+ hours remaining.

Biggy: Did it sink yet? No? Wake me when it does.

B: I can't believe I woke up and had to look at Leonardo.


Blogger anne said...

Nope, I never saw it either. Disaster movies are not my idea of entertainment, even if there is a love story element.

I shy away from any movie being sold to me as a "love story", ever since two close friends convinced me to see "Braveheart", by telling me it was a love story.

I hated that movie, and I hated it even more when it beat out "Apollo 13" for best picture that year.

...but I'm over that now...

11:17 PM  

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