Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Guide to Understanding This Site

"24 Hours of TV" (24HoTV) is an event that happened on two different occasions:

24HoTV 1 began on February 26, 2006
24HoTV2 began on March 14, 2009

Right now the postings are all in reverse chronological order. To get the right feel (which is to say, to watch the slow disintegration of two minds), you should scroll to the bottom and read up. (For 24HoTV1, go to the bottom and scroll up to the 00:15 listing if you want to skip the pre-amble information.)

The titles are in this format

XX:YY Channel N -- Name

The XX:YY time is the amount of time that has elapsed in front of the TV (i.e. it's not the time of the day) up to that point. The channels are all drawn at random, N is the channel number, the "name" is the closest thing we could find to an official name for the station via TV wizardry.

So 08:15 Channel 502 -- HBO2 is eight hours and fifteen minutes in to the 24 hour period. HBO2 is found on channel 502 of DirecTV.

The ordering might get changed around a bit in the future, but I haven't played around with it much in the last three years, so probably not.


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