Saturday, March 14, 2009

03:15 440 -- V-me

"Oppenheimer Presenta"

This one is en espaƱol. Despite my vast knowledge of Spanish, the meaning of the name of the network escapes me. Google says it means "Go Me". I'm dubious.

I'm a little confused, because most of the Spanish language TV I watch has guys talking about 8 times louder and faster than this. This show is very erudite. All the guests have a million degrees and awards. I think the host won the Pulitzer.

They're talking to a Chinese scientist speaking English, but a translator is talking over him in Spanish. Last night I saw a movie wherein Chinese people spoke French, with English subtitles. What a country!

Learn more at http// .

B1 says: "I don't trust a Chinese acupuncturist with a lazy eye who speaks Spanish."


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