Sunday, March 15, 2009

22:15 Sportsman Channel "Flats Class"

Of all the shows on TV, the last one I would watch might be a fishing show. And so now, near the end of 24 Hours of TV, I get one. Guys are in the Amazon, on the Rio Negro, fishing. They're having a great time.

Some guy on the commercial is YELLING! STOP YELLING!

On the web he does the same commercial in Spanish. SOY BILL MAYS DE FIXIT! STOP YELLING!

This is not a good show to stay awake to right now.

Back on the Amazon, the fish are very strangely colored. I believe this is because of Indiana Jones.

B says: "Professional fisherman always overestimate the weight of their fish as they reel them in. Too much sun bakes the weighing portion of their head."


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