Saturday, March 14, 2009

Channel 589 "Order Playboy Monthly TV Service Here!"

This is a channel that is pimping the Playboy Channel. Music playing in the background as stills of women who look vaguely like they have fish hooks in their mouths scrolls by.

It's $13 for the first three months, then moves up to $16/month after that.

It's actually refreshing to not watch moving images on the screen.

Special K is using Shazam to find out what the music is. Here's the playlist:
(It's a Sirius station called "The Pulse")
Pink "Sober"
Matchbox 20 "Bent"
Hinder "Lips of an Angel"

"This reminds me of when I was a kid and I'd tune in the scrambled Playboy Channel. You couldn't see the video, but you could hear the audio."

- Special K

"God, this is bad."

- Solid G

"You try and you try and you try to not watch 'cheater radio stations,' and yet you get this."

- b1


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