Saturday, March 27, 2010

18:10 "Escape from Ape City" (Cartoon) 3979HT

This is really really bad. I would be sad if I were involved in its making. And yet, I'm having fun with it. I think it's simply so bad it's good. Certain things make no sense. It's like the show is written by Martians trying to approximate what Earth people want to watch. For example, there's a bunch of orangs and instead of saying "hear, hear", they all just keep saying "hear" over and over again.

Good things include:

- It's a serial: ep 2 starts where ep 1 left off. I assume this will continue.

Mixed things include:

- It essentially throws out the PotA canon. Timeline is wrong, ape & human capabilities are wrong, but that also gives it a novel "flash-sideways" quality that smells fresh. Apes with technology.

Bad things include:

- Bad bad bad animation. Writing. Acting. Chrissake.
- Dumbed down plots and dialog so it's safe for Saturday morning.
- Slow pacing. The first ep seriously could have been done in about 3 minutes.
- No Roddy.

Let's see what I think after 5 hours of this.


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