Saturday, March 27, 2010

21:05 "Trail to the Unknown" 3979HT

I drew the lucky straw this time ... We've seen insipid after inane episode ... and then ... and then ...

I get to write the one where Colonel Brent gets found!  An event so big that when it happened Special K shouted "No way!  This is huge!  Do you know how huge this is?  It's huge!"

So Col. Brent comes back.  He's been wandering the desert just like he wandered the Mojave before he got launched.  Lands on POTA and then, oops, gets lost in a sandstorm -- without realizing there are apes there.  (He looks a lot like a hippified Race Bannon, and probably is.)

They retreat to Mesa Verde.  They blow up the only decent natural bridge in the region.  They celebrate.  They worry about apes everywhere else.


Roll credits.  Dance.

The end.


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