Sunday, March 28, 2010

44:40 Planet of the Apes -- Jerry Goldsmith commentary

A l-o-n-g gap in the commentary made us think that maybe things weren't working quite right (we like to watch commentary with subtitles and thought that maybe it'd killed the stream -- they should add an undertone or a "no commentary for N minutes" to keep the over-driven and under-worked like the K and i from freaking out).

Mr. Goldsmith's comments are good but too far between.  If I'd known you were gonna say this little, I would've put you on instead of Mr. Elfman when I was sleeping.


Blogger faireaccompli said...

I like the streamed parts of this commentary where b1 and Special K say things like, "Jerry should be talking about his use of ape sounds here," and "I'd like Jerry to tell us about the emotional impact of the metal sounds here..."

3:57 PM  

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