Saturday, February 25, 2006

04:45 Channel 360 -- FOX News

FOX News

Stories of the moment:
Ricin found at the University of Texas!
Two men under arrest in England for a bankrobbery!
A daring robbery at an art museum in Brazil!
Particle accelerators might cure Alzheimer's!
Meth ice -- a more dangerous form of the drug!
ITunes has sold one billion songs!
Animal rights students stand up for their rights!
Can a dog be friend with a lion?!
Holy Dragnet! (Their actual phrase)
Miners trapped underground!
15 dead in Bangladesh in building collapse!

"Non-stop fear mongering. And YELLING. STOP YELLING!"
-- Special K

"As absolutely shrill as you would expect. That Americans tolerate this kind of stuff amazes me."
-- b1


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