Saturday, February 25, 2006

05:15 Channel 500 -- DirecTV

Pay-per-view Previews

Things previewed:
Generic car films -- It's car month
Unbreakable (Fighting Championships)
Rodeo Houston
Generic love movies -- It's love movie month
Boxing-- Sugar Shane Bosley
Excorcision of Emily Rose
Destination X (Wrestling)
Ultimate Fighting Championships (Liddell vs. Couture 3)
Wedding Crashers
An ad for the "OK" button on a remote control for DirecTV
Four Brothers
USA vs. Canada Ultimate Fighting Championships
Gantz (Japanese anime)
Transporter 2
Jeff Lacy vs Jeff Calzaghe (Boxing)
Locks & Limits Ads (Protect your kids)
Samurai X (Japanese anime)

(and loops -- the entire listing is 10 minutes, I think)

"This is awesome. (pauses) Fits my short attention span."
-- Special K

"I feel like my eyes have eaten too much fudge."
-- b1

Under a sick form of synchronicity, the 5:00 show is on channel 500.


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