Saturday, February 25, 2006

05:45 Channel 867 -- XM Radio

Radio Disney

"It's really, um, good."
-- Lil' Godzil' (9 years old)

"Um, it's interesting."
-- Small Person K (11 years old -- Special K's daughter)

"At least the Disney channel is fun."
-- Bigg Nasty K

"I think all the girl singers on the Disney channel are the same. They sound the same. They look the same."
-- Special K

"Disney are an evil corporation. They are partially responsible for destroying the Everglades. Like AOL and Microsoft, they're trying to run a vertical monopoly on anything that has to do with news, but they're worse in that they're trying to take over entertainment as well. I hate them. I hate this station. If Mickey Mouse lived in my neighborhood, I'd trap him."
-- b1


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