Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Last Go-Go Frenzy?

My favorite energy drink is Go-Go -- it was made by the same company that makes Vitaminwater.

About two years ago it was discontinued and the last cans were sold in a blow-out (three for a dollar) at Grocery Outlet. I bought about 15 cases.

Frenzy is their super-charged "flavor," and this is my last can. It's possible this may be the last can of Frenzy in the world.

From the can side (they don't use CAPS)

wanna go-go?
this stuff is like the spiritual leader of colas. it's full of
vitamins, minerals and herbs that old guru guys (and girls) have been
using for centuries to increase energy, performance and drive (yes, THAT
kind of drive). if you're nort ready for a major shock of energy, then
you're not ready to get frenzied. do you think you can handle it? live
vicariously at

I'm drinking it.

(Note: This is the famous "panty label" can. The manufacturer changed the design after objections from the public.)


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