Saturday, March 14, 2009

01:15 Channel 26 -- KTSF-26 San Francisco

It's The Message, brought to you by the Church of Christ, Iglesia Ni Cristo (apparently a Filipino show).

Brother Bob and Brother Greg in the hizzy. "Many homosexuals are no longer ashamed of their sexuality." And we can't have that.

Oh, they were just teasing the gay thing. Now it's a story about a church in L.A.

Now talking about what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. Brother Bob reminds us that god created only two genders. He conflates marriage with procreation. And it's all downhill from there.

Rule of thumb: anybody who calls you "my friend" or "dear friend" is not your friend.

Brother Greg is like Dan Aykroyd playing a character.

These guys are so dumb they give morons a bad name.

B1: "the irony of christians (a group long hated and killed for their beliefs -- and evangelizing tolerance) hating on homosexuals gets past no one, i'm sure. but it's STILL better than The n."

B1: "I need more Go-Go".


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