Saturday, March 14, 2009

01:45 235 -- Style Channel

"Style Her Famous"

Goodbye Autopsy Channel, hello gay guy with skulls on his shirt and white hair that sticks straight up and lip gloss.

I think this is a makeover show. A young woman likes to dress bizarrely, but they're gonna fix her little red wagon. She wants to dress like...Hilary Duff? "Why does Hilary have that, ooh, vibe, that edge?"

"The pencil jeans I was scared of because of like my badonkadonk." But they fit OK. What a relief.

B1: "I want to see 30 minutes of this guy on The Message of Iglesia Ni Cristo."

Commercial for Bissell vacuum: Mr. Jiggles peed on the carpet. Damn.
Commercial for a pill named Yaz. No. Yaz is a baseball player. Damn.


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