Sunday, March 15, 2009

15:15 Channel 312 Hallmark: "World Impact"

Billy Wilson in the Holy Land to visit some cities that rejected Jesus Christ. Guess what happened to them. Did you guess that they were wiped out? CO-RRECT! He believes that God is going to minister to your heart today. He said that twice. I like his nice shirt.

Hey! Snuggie commercial!

So nice that so many of these folks want to tell me what I should believe, out of concern for my soul. So thoughtful.

This guy is telling us that 3 cities near Lake Kinneret (that's the Sea of Galilee to you) rejected Jesus, who judged against them, and so apparently bad things happened to them. As my brother would say, that's not very nice.

Hey! Crest SpinBrush Pro commercial! I bet they don't advertise the Trojan Vibrator on this show.

B says: "I need a Snuggie." And then passes out.

And now, we must leave Billy Wilson behind, having failed to learn the exact fate of the cities. Damn. (Oh, maybe that was the fate.)


Blogger paullier said...

Thanks to Hallmark movies it's a refreshing time where we can keep in mind the World still a nice place to live in. Holywood as I'm concern should close doors the sooner the better. Hallmark still movies we can recommend to watch, for everybody !!!!!Is this not good, wonderful enough for this time???? I'm trying to find the movie name I just watch in channel 312. I know Larry Levinson was the producer, but cannot find the name of it. Thanks you again M.O.P.

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