Sunday, March 15, 2009

23:15 Channel 359 Fox Business "Guthy-Renker"

Hi, she's Susan Lucci. She's about to show us how to do Pilates, Malibu style.

I am really hating infomercials at this point.

I especially hate the exercise machine infomercials that don't say a word about eating, which is far more important.

I wish we could have Gilad. At least he's entertaining. Not one of these other people has said "buttocks". It's all booty, butt, glutes, even a badonkadonk. C'mon. Say buttocks. I bet they also say "vajayjay".

I would consider banning/limiting infomercials from future instances of 24 Hours of TV.

B says: "It makes me cry when I hear Special K repeatedly ask for the word 'buttocks' and the models fail to comply."


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