Sunday, March 15, 2009

23:00 Channel 358 Current "War"

"On next ... The current war - Soldier suicides"

This one is going to be a bit heavy. We have traditional problems with hard programs on Sunday mornings.

Interviews with parents who have a kid that (probably) has committed suicide (we just haven't been told yet).

He did, in fact, commit suicide. At the end of the segment we're given a Web site and told we can add our comments or Web cams ... that's right, to help stave off these suicides ... because you and I are highly qualified professionals.

Next segment: Stop loss

Either they explained it fuzzily or I'm really tired, but what they're hinting at is a policy by the US military to keep soldiers longer than their enlistment.

"Why do we always get this really depressing stuff at the end?"

- Special K

"Hard hitting Sunday morning. I'd make a joke but there's nothing reasonably funny here."

- b1


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The rhythm of the indirect participant: sit down and read 24hoTV2, savor, walk away and do something that takes approximately 15 minutes. Read a chapter of a novel, scour the tub, call one's folks. Rinse, return, repeat.

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