Sunday, September 26, 2010

13:00 ft

Our witching hour ... Traditionally the hardest thin in all 24 hour enterprise work is getting to the 12 hour mark ... Things get easier after you're over the night hump and day breaks ...

But here, we're having juice problems ... This isn't so much 24hosif as it is 24 hours of trying to find a power plug.

The corse is definitely bigger here on the 05:00 than the 04:00. We're starting to see that cross of early risers and late night nesters. For the most part people just want to see the ride over.

I'm not far away from feeling that myself ... I'm tired.


Blogger Tinygami said...

Perhaps now is the time for Special K to "tweet" to local friends that you need someone to come on down and loan you their fully charged phone while they take yours home and charge it for you. They can bring it back when they bring you breakfast :)

2:42 AM  

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