Saturday, September 25, 2010

09:35 FT

Just us now. Our wise visitors have wisely departed. The Ferry has become a much smaller boat, the Alice Austen. And we curse that we are unable to find where she gives us electricity for our electro devices. Curses. Bastards.

The combination of small boat and hourly schedule combine to oh forget it.

We have an INSANE CLOWN POSSE dude.
We have a dead ringer for Grace Jones.
We have seats with scary stains.
We have no bananas today.

You get the idea. Don't you?

I wonder when my body will allow me to sleep. 2 hours sleep in the past 42 is pretty much unprecedented for me. Also it's never happened before.

Spock out.

-Special K


Blogger Tinygami said...

Hope you are having fun. I honestly can't tell from your postings. Also hope you get some sleep.

You have inspired me to take up a 24 hour challenge. I'm thinking 24 hour massage (No deep tissue). I just need 3 volunteers to feed me (breakfast, lunch & dinner) through the breathing hole in the massage table so that I don't have to stop to eat. LOL Hubby is having a FIT. He thinks this is a terrible idea. He is forbidding me from doing this. LOL I suggested I could probably get sponsors and make it a fundraiser. For every hour of massage I endure, sponsors could donate money to a worthy cause. Hubby says nobody will donate :D

11:10 PM  

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