Sunday, September 26, 2010

13:48 PT

While we wait for the next ferry, let's discuss the origin of the name Staten Island. "Staten" is from the medical word "stat, or "quickly", and the sevenup word "en", or "un", meaning "not". "Island", of course, is derived from the English "is land". Putting it all together, we see see that "Staten Island" means "Place that is land, but getting there is not quick -- takes about 25 minutes."

-Specialist K


Blogger Tinygami said...

Or if you ask Keith to explain it on his show he will tell you that his family owns both the island and the ferry because they have been handed down through generations of Statenfields. The word "field" derives from old English meaning a large tract of land... So your definition holds true for both "Staten Island" and "Statenfield."

9:10 AM  

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