Saturday, March 14, 2009

03:45 329 -- Black Entertainment Television

"The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

Running joke in our house. "Want to see that new Will Smith movie?" "Oh, hell no." Because "Oh, hell no" was his catch phrase. I think.

Actual, I like Will Smith, even in this show, and in movies. But hasn't he had a couple of flop movies in a row now? So is his career threatened? Movie starring is tough.

Wow, I never realized this before, but the theme song totally riffs on Beverly Hillbillies. My wife says: "Oh? Do you watch this show a lot?" Me: "Oh, hell no." See how it works?

And whatever happened to DJ Jazzy Jeff?

Some shows seem fast-moving. Some seem slow. This is a slow one. The plot is about taking speed, but the plot itself did not take speed.

B1: "Will Smith's acting ability is no worse than when he was Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Unfortunately, it's no better."


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