Saturday, March 14, 2009

08:15 311 -- ABC Family

"The Family Man". A movie with Nick Cage, Tea Leoni, and Don Cheadle. Sounds real!

We jump in on a commercial for (of course) Special K. Yeah! Then a commercial for a show named "Sophie" (that's my dog's name). As B says, "Scary".

The first joke is a "wow, that diaper smells bad" joke. And next is the kid peeing up into the air. It can only get better, right?

I'm not a big Nick Cage fan, and this movie isn't doing him any favors. He's some kind of substitute dad. It's an alternate reality and the universe is teaching him a lesson that family is more important than money. I'm sure if I watched longer I'd be offended. Of course, maybe that's just the 15 minute interval talking.

This is another one of those slow-moving ones, although B says he's digging it.

B says: "I like Nicholas Cage."


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