Saturday, March 14, 2009

06:15 257 -- Chiller Channel

"Scariest Places on Earth" Hosted by Linda Blair!

Linda Blair trying to be super super scary. The Cotswolds, Woodchester, England, "the scariest place on Earth"?

Black people from Philly are being sent to a haunted castle in England. Sort of like Wife Swap, except with a whole family, and nobody's swapping, just being sent.

This is sloooow. Totally padded. Probably 15 minutes worth of good stuff stretched over the whole hour (but not for us).

We're gonna get all the setup, then change channels. Again: it is the legend. Of 24 Hours of TV.

Solid G.: "Will her head spin around completely?"

B1: "Bump-Its make you look like a B-52."


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