Friday, March 26, 2010

01:00 Escape from the Planet of the Apes 1973HT

I am loving Escape far more than I imagined. I find, to my surprise, that I remember every scene and much of the dialog. I remember that Kim Hunter and Roddy McDowall were the first adult actors I really loved. Even though I never saw their faces.

The moviemakers really got a chance to stretch out and be funny in this one, especially here in the first half, and they succeeded wildly. I'm literally laughing out loud a lot.

Dr. Hasslein just explained infinite regression. "A picture of the artist painting a picture of the artist painting a picture". One of my favorite scenes in the entire series. I UNDERSTOOD before Hasslein started, and then he confused me.

Hasslein says "Mr. Bond" just like a Bond villain would.

Zira: "We saw the Earth melt!" And it was narrated by Paul Frees -- so you know it really happened!

Ooh, Hasslein. You bastard! Hate you! Even though you are Dr. Forbin.

Even at the time I thought it was a bad idea to take Cornelius to a fight.

Pregnant Zira drinks wine, AKA grape juice plus. HASSLEIN!!! DAMMIT! YOU SUCK!


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