Friday, March 26, 2010

Preamble to EPOTA

In 20 minutes, it begins.  Another dip into the marathon TV-viewing well, but this time, it's viewing of our choosing ... that is if you count every single fricken thing in UPA as our choice.

I'm up for this one in a big way ... more than I have been for the previous incarnations of 24HoTV.  Partially for the raw exhilaration and strangeness of it all, and part of it because I've never actually seen all the POTA movies ... I know I've seen 1 three times.  I've seen 2 a couple of times.  I've seen the "good" ending of 4 (I only watch TV when I travel -- there was some special on when I was fly fishing in WY), although I don't think I've seen the rest of the film.  I'm pretty sure I've never seen 5.

Before I bought UPA, I didn't know the cartoons even existed; and I thought the series was bad enough when I was a kid that I watched it twice and then swore it off.

Once again, I'm in league with Special K.  This go 'round I'm in the best physical shape I've been in for any of the 24HoTVs, and I'm pretty sure the K is tied for his worst.  I've never stayed awake through an entire 24HoTV and I'm sure I won't here ... I'm guessing I'll sleep for no more than 4 hours in the next two days -- if you're of the betting persuasion, you should guess that Special K will sleep more than six.

UPA has the extended version of Battle, but not of Conquest.  We've decided that, with a couple of tiny exceptions, we're going to run out of the box exclusively.

For better or worse in two days I'll know more about POTA than I've never known in my life.

Here's to simian relations.


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