Saturday, March 27, 2010

13:00 "The Horse Race" (TV Series) 3085HT

The plot of this one is a little harder to follow. Like we're back with the ape dude who needed a male cow to be born. Not as straightforward as the ape KKK episode.

Virdon is going to ride a horse in a race. I'm not super compelled at this point.

Richard Devon and Morgan Woodward are yet two more guest stars with tons of TV credits, especially westerns. TV used to be loaded with westerns in the last '50s and '60s, kids.

Burke: "Now you're getting warm." Galen: "Warm? I don't feel the slightest bit warm." Suddenly, Galen doesn't speak perfect 20th century idiomatic English.

Super jumpy tiger scorpion on a string.

Burke with like his 17th flying kick of the series. He must love those.


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