Saturday, March 27, 2010

18:35 "The Unearthly Prophecy" (Cartoon) 3979HT

It's here that we see the animated version of the underworld nutballs.

It originally was called "A Date with Judy," but I think they changed that title once they realized that Judy is often drawn with one eye bigger than another.

"Prepare the chair."  A chair of doom is run by a Capuchin monk with a garbage can on his head.  (His pals can shoot rays from their eyes.)

There's tons of crazy sounds in this series.  When he's this tired, Special K spends more time beeping and booping than he does talking.  Thank God he's asleep.  (I may have heard him mumble, "Craydore is draining my energy" just before he dropped away.)

"There's no other choice, for now, but we'll be back!"


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