Saturday, March 27, 2010

21:50 "Mission of Mercy" 3979HT


Ape plane gets flown into town to prevent Nova from touching Col. Brent's streptococcus and gets run out of gas.

Judy hides in her bush while aging gorillas give Conelius and Zira the shaft.

Cornelius heats his beaker and decides to cool it in two minutes.

Doctor Zaius waxes about how he's not as young as C&Z and leaves abruptly.

Hudson and Allen overheat.

Allen tells Hudson, "cap it and let's go."

Nova learns what her name means in Spanish.

Judy gets informed that she's fueled and ready for take-off.

Judy says, "Don't fail me now," flexes her thighs and pulls back the stick.

There were also soft moments.


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